Gemstones & Crystals


Abalone is a shell and not a gemstone or crystal but it has been recognised for it benefits for thousands of years as have Pearls.


This metallic, pastel mix of colours are naturally formed when the shell detaches from the Abalone and is then tossed and turned along the ocean floor for years.


As the shell was used to protect the Abalone, it is said the this shell provides protection for its carrier.  It attracts energies that make you feel at peace.


Commonly used to increase the love and passion levels in relationships because of its power to boost energy and stamina.



Its beautiful colour can range from a light lilac appearing almost transparent to an intense vivid opaque purple.


This gemstone is all about peace and harmony.  It is known for being one of the most powerful crystals around as it creates a force field around the carrier protecting them from negative energies. 


This gemstone is often used to balance out our emotions and used to aid those suffering with anxiety and insomnia.

Bloodstone - natural-1239615.jpg

The ‘Energy - Cleanser’


A Blood-stone is most known for being speckled with brown or red spots. 

It can also appear in a dark blue to green shades of stone.


Its powerful energy aids the blood stream and is used to enhance creativity

and intuition.


This gemstone is used for its amazing ability to naturally boost the immune system and purify the blood.

Blue Sapphire gem-562543.jpg

The ‘Eye-Opener’


Blue sapphires range in clarity from being extremely transparent to a cloudy vivid blue and some almost appear black.


This precious gemstone is said to help an individual open up their third eye enabling them to receive wisdom

and insight.


It has a great powerful energy to boost positivity and confidence leading to fulfilment of dreams and desires.


With its powerful connection to the mind, it is also commonly used to treat mental and psychosomatic disorders.


The ‘Light Maker’


Well known for its vibrant yellow in colour, it can also appear different to the eye due to its clarity either being completely transparent to very cloudy.


This precious crystal is said to bring happiness and pleasure to every part of your life.  Just like its colour it releases vibrant positive energy to enable the carrier to be confident and content.


It channels energy that fills you with motivation, clarity and creativity.

This is one of the reasons why it is often used to combat fatigue and headaches.


The ‘Stone of Plenitude’


This unique gemstone is known for rare look of pearly white mixed with grey and black flecks.


This powerful gemstone releases energy that enables the carrier to remove limitations being set by the mind and improves self confidence.


The gemstones shining positive aura is said lead to wealth and prosperity.


Commonly used to aid repair of the nervous system and brain conditions.

Hematite mineral-642086.jpg


Hematite is a gemstone of dark colours and can appear as black to a steel grey and at times brown to even a dark red.


This gemstone is said to be able to use energy to regulate and restore the body’s blood supply.


This is great for aiding conditions such as anaemia.


Carrying Hematite is said to relieve and prevent the carrier from suffering from anxiety and insomnia.


This gemstones power is to bring peace by calming and clearing the mind.



A truly beautiful mystical looking gemstone, mostly seen in shades of blue and grey but forms in a large variety

of colours.


These gemstone attracts energies to enable the carrier to take a good look at themselves, suppressing negative thoughts and ego.


Commonly used to maintain good healthy eyes and brain which control our nervous system.  Its well known for its results in aiding Parkinson’s and

retinal problems.



Do you remember seeing a Mystic Quartz or Topaz gemstone before 1995?

 Well…No, you didn’t.


Quartz and Topaz and from the same family of crystals and these are 100% naturally formed.  Mystic Quartz and Topaz are just enhanced crystals so the natural properties within remain.


Mystic -  is a crystal that has had a unique rainbow colour effect coating applied to one side which gives it its beautiful prism of colours/ kaleidoscope appearance.


Mystic quartz and topaz both work great for attracting positive energies that fill our minds with happiness and peace.



This heart-warming orange gemstone can appear as very transparent or cloudy.


This gemstones power is to release energies that boost self-esteem

and confidence. 

It inspires the mind to be creative and the carrier to be filled with energy and becoming more physically active.


Orange quartz is also used to aid the reproductive systems and treat infertility.

It also has the power to draw in warmth

to aid circulations and relieve

abdominal pains.


The ‘Stone of Unconditional Love’


Discovered in South Africa, this beautiful green gemstone focuses on you.


Prehnite’s powers are to reflect negative energy and restore clarity and peace to the mind, body and soul.


Often used for phobias and nightmares as it is said to heal the heart.


Commonly also used to stimulate the growth of bones, nails and hair. 


Its said to aid weight loss through its ability to increase the metabolism.


The ‘Queen of Stones’


This gemstones beautiful shade of red screams passion, power and vitality.  


The Ruby is able to heal every part of the body in particular the heart.  Its positive energy not only helps individuals overcome heartache but gives them the encouragement to continue of life's path.


Rubies are very commonly used by couples who may be experiencing difficulties to attract and absorb energies that stimulate the reproductive system to achieve positive outcomes.



This gemstone is a combination of tiger eye, black hematite and red jasper which when polished really resembles a tiger’s skin hence the given name ‘Tigers Eye’.  


This gemstones power is great at balancing energy which helps you to keep a continued clear and conscious mind.


This gemstone is known for absorbing our negative inner energy and releasing the mind of fear and anxiety.

Agate - precious-stone-2775993.jpg

The ‘Stone of Inner Stability’

This beautiful gemstone can be found in a variety of different colours but most commonly seen in blue, green, pink, orange, black, red, purple, yellow and many more.

This gemstone focuses on the carrier and aids controlling any emotional instability and anger by constantly replying against negative energy.


Agate is great for improving ‘mental functionality’ by providing clarity of the mind which then enhances your ability to prioritise and manage life’s tasks.

Great for those with a busy life. 


The ‘Stone of Breath’


Its translucent pale blue is truly reflected by its name, in Latin ‘Aqua’ is the word for water and ‘marine’ means ‘of the sea’. 


Its cool tranquil colour instantly brings peace to the carrier and attracts energies that boost confidence and inspires

the mind.


The Aquamarines powerful energy is said to aid the respiratory tract and lungs. 

This gemstone is great for uplifting anyone who is suffering with the feelings of isolation, depression or loneliness .



This is a beautiful man made stone which sparkles with flecks of copper being mixed into cobalt and other minerals.


This stones powers is able to increase positive energy within boosting confidence and driving ambition.


The copper element of this stone is also said to draw in the same healing powers of alleviating joint pain and

abdominal pains.

Blue Topaz gem-562553.jpg


This gemstone is a beautiful shade of sky blue and can appear really light or

vibrant blue.


Used often for its great support in maintaining and improving

‘Good Health’. 


It has the ability to restore and release energy which is great for encouraging relaxation and

relieving tension.


This precious gemstone is widely used to support and aid the digestive system and re-balance the minds of those suffering with eating disorders.

Clear quartz rock-crystal-1603480.jpg


A beautiful natural crystal that is known as ‘clear or white quartz’.  Its name driven by its transparent to opaque look.


Clear Quartz is considered to be one of the most powerful healers. 


It has the ability to absorb, store, re-store, release and regulate energy.


Its power means that it is great for every single part of the mind, body and soul.

It is often used to aid meditation, concentration and focus the mind.

Enerald gem-4014145.jpg

The ‘Stone of Intuition’


The beautiful precious gemstone can be found is a large variety of clarities/shades  of green. 


This precious gemstones power is to convert negative energy into positive energy which ensures the carrier remains calm and at peace.


Emerald is said to be a strong healer of the physical heart as well as useful in treating conditions affecting the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys.

Emerald is commonly used to treat fever and inflammation.


The ‘Dream Stone’


Most known for its pure green variety. 

Jade is an overall protector gemstone and repels all negative energies  near or directed towards the wearer. 


It is said to bless everything that it touches and brings peace and harmony.


This precious gemstone is widely used for treating the kidneys, spleen and

adrenal glands.

Its power enables us to rid the body of toxins and balances out overall bodily fluids.


The ‘Power Stone’


This beautiful gemstone is vibrant and like the green of nature in full bloom.


This precious gemstone has the ability to release negative energy from within the carrier.  Its power is to heal the heart whether this be anger, hurt or sadness being felt through trauma or grief.


Commonly used to support menopause due to its ability to balance hormones and control mood swings. 


Also great for swelling of the joints

and arthritis.

GSP0009 - 2.jpg


This beautiful black gemstone is mainly seen in black but can often contain flecks or bands of white and red. 


This gemstone releases energy that boosts your stamina and strength. 

It is also able to work in the opposite way and has the power to dispel

excess energies.


Onyx is often used for aiding the repair in blood and bone disorders. 

It is said to be beneficial for teeth and joints that move each day such as wrists and ankles.


Pearls can come in a variety of colours.

Unlike most gemstones and crystals, pearls are formed in oyster shells. 

Oysters actually make pearls in response to defending itself. 

 When something finds its way into its shell, it feels threatened and starts to release nacre onto it covering it layer by layer creating a pearl. 

This nacre also covers the inner shell. 

Nacre is more commonly known as ‘Mother of pearl’ which is also used in a lot of jewellery and watches.

Pearls are recognised as faith,

honesty and hope. 

Pears are also commonly used to relieve headaches and exhaustion.


This gemstone is a beautiful shade of reddish-brown, and can contain more black flecks.


This gemstones power is to protect the carrier by absorbing negative energy and transforming it into forces that encourage stability and growth.

This gemstone opens up the mind allowing the recall of dreams

and memories.


This precious gemstone is widely used in the support of Alzheimer's and other brain conditions


The ‘Stone of Purity’


These gemstones are a unique shade of black and grey which are often described as snowflakes.  


This gemstone has been used for centuries for it power to enable the carrier to balances energies of the mind, body and soul and see into the future.


Commonly used to comfort those feeling alone or isolated.


It is also a benefit for veins and ride the blood flowing through of toxins.



Tourmaline forms in a variety of colours but most commonly available in a

 black – bluish coloured gemstone.


This gemstone is known for bringing ‘healing powers’ to the carrier. 

It is said to open up the mind giving

the individual the ability to retain knowledge leading to great

achievements and power.


Tourmaline is used for rebuilding weakened immune systems and

purifying the body by

eliminating toxins.

Amber wwwbabyamberteethingcouk-1193372.j

Often known as a gemstone but…it’s not.


Amber, is actually just fossilised resin.

 This is why you will never get two pieces that will look identical. 


It has been sold as a gemstone because of its beauty and used to make

lovely jewellery.  


For many decades now a lot of people wear amber for a more spiritual reason than fashion, but mainly for its known properties of protection against

physic attacks.


It is commonly used to clear the mind of phobias and fears.  It is said to work well with aiding the recovery of those suffering with depression.


This beautiful gemstone ranges from light to deep blue, black and green in colour.  It is often found forming near Malachite. 


Its ability to attract positive energy instantly clears the mind of stress,

sadness and helps heal trauma.  


Azurite has been around for thousands of years, even Ancient Egyptians were said to protect and worship its power to oxygenate the blood supply.


This gemstone is commonly used to treat conditions relating to the brain such as headaches, migraines, seizures and help balance vertigo. 



This gemstone is part of the Agate family and it beautiful shades of blue reflect calm and purity.


Its powerful energy aids the balance of our feelings in turn calming the carrier during stressful and anxious moments.


This gemstone is used for its amazing ability to support good ‘mental health’ and clarity of the mind.



This gemstone is a beautiful shade of reddish-brown, and can be sometimes more orange-red.


This gemstones power is to release energies through the carrier that encourage boldness, acting on ones own initiative and assertiveness.


This precious gemstone is widely used to stimulate, heal and influence the male and female reproductive system through its ability to restore body cells and tissue.


The ‘Stone of Invincibility’


This is one of the most precious healing crystals out there.  It has an unconquerable hardness and it absorbs negative energy and releases a protective force field around the wearer .


This force field enables you to be free in your mind, body and soul to strive through life with radiance

and confidence.


This gemstone is widely recognised for its results in aiding the healing of certain brain conditions such as epilepsy

and strokes.


The ‘Stone of Health’


Garnet can appear as a brownish light to a deep opaque red.


This gemstone is said to be able to draw in positive energy which is then released to bring joy and hope to its carrier. 


This gemstone is used often to aid the recovery of depression.


It is said to be very helpful when it comes to cardiovascular problems and can normalise blood pressure and regulate internal rhythms.



This metallic silver blue gemstone instantly brings peace and happiness to the carrier.


  Its power is to attract energies that balance out emotions enabling us to see ourselves and others clearly which lead to making constructive and

positive changes.


Kyanite is used to support the repair of bones, especially after serious injury

or illness. 

This gemstone is also used as a preventative of seizures and stokes.


The ‘Stabilizer’


This dreamy looking stone can appear as one or more colours and then totally different another time that you look at it. 

Some say its colour differs due to body temperature changes and some say its reflected by the carriers present mood.  


Its powerful energy creates a safety dome around it which protects the carrier from all negative energy and harm. 

This is often used by those who do a lot of travelling for a ‘safe journey’.


This gemstone is known to revitalise energy levels, de-stress, inspire and promote positive thinking.


The ‘Stone of Calm’


This magical and mystical looking stone can appear as a few colours or as all the colours in the rainbow. 


This gemstone has a lot of connections to the dream realm and shields you from all negative energies to allow you to focus on your life’s goals. 


This clarity of mind allows you to flourish in all areas of life.

This protective gemstone absorbs energy and strengthens the immune system which provides protection from common viral colds.

More commonly used in jewellery today are reconstituted/created opals.


The ‘Stone of Luck’


This magical looking green stone can be found in many different clarities.


Its powerful positive energy brings protection and luck to its carrier. 

Its power encourages bravery and increases self-confidence leading to happiness and success in life.


This gemstone is used for its amazing ability to rid the mind of mental blockages and great for balancing out one’s emotions.


The ‘Love-Stone’


Its beautiful shade of pink is all

about love.  It warms the heart of the carrier and attracts energies that promotes strength, love and respect within ones self.


With the ability to channel out negative self-criticism and resentment this gemstone leaves you feeling relaxed

and vibrant.  Your glowing persona will bring love into your life in all aspects.


The Rose Quartz power to be able to dissolve emotional wounds, provide tranquillity and comfort which is a huge support during times of grief.



Its beautiful blue to purple shades comes in a variety of clarities.  


This gemstones power releases all the tension from your body and prevents you from becoming exhausted which enables you to cope easier with your normal every day to day life.


It is often used to boost the immune system and to speed up recovery of body tissue and cells after an operation.


Its power helps the body and mind to balance out nervous tensions which also helps control excessive sweating.


The ‘Protector’


This gemstone is found in many beautiful shades of blue, bluish green and a yellowish green.


This gemstones power is to protect the carrier and ward off evil and negative energy. 

With the negative energy it absorbs, this gemstone then has the ability to transform and release energies that fill you with confidence and strength.

This is the main reason why people associate this gemstone as a ‘good luck’ charm.


Turquoise is a great benefit for the respiratory and immune systems.

Please remember that we are not doctors and any medical suggestions or information given has been passed down through our ancestors, personal experiences and research.
It is important to know that there is no scientific evidence to support the use of Gemstones or Crystals.