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Arnett Creations has been built up on over 25 years of expertise of working within the Jewellery wholesale and retail industry and takes pride in providing only the top quality of products from a large range of designers and showcasing beautiful art pieces for people to enjoy all around the world. 


Arnett Creations are true believers in the healing abilities for the mind, body and soul along with the energy powers that jewellery and gemstones possess.  You or someone you know may be going through a tough time, feeling a bit run down or just wish to channel your energy towards achieving your goals. 


Please check out our full listing of Gemstones, Good Luck Charms and Protective Amulets to promote good health, faith, hope and love.


We are passionate seekers of British and one off unique handmade pieces so look out for these within our range.


Arnett Creations is proudly part of a family jewellery business - Shirley's, trading within the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter for 40 years+ and strives to continue to deliver you a 5* Customer Service experience now to your doorstep. 


All imagery has been taken of the actual, physical item under jewellers shop lighting.  The images have not been edited in anyway other than cropped for a closer view.  This is done purposely as we aim to deliver a more familiar, personal in-store and honest shopping experience despite the current world epidemic which has forced changes and limited opening/times in store.  As with all polished surfaces, they act as a mirror so occasionally you may see the reflection of the shop and the photographer. 


We think that it is crucial to 'Stay Home and Stay Safe' at the moment but also wish to continue supporting our valued customers and to grow our 'Customer Family'. 

'Sharing is Caring', 'Knowledge is Power' & 'Listen to Your Elders'


Arnett Creations feel that these 3 statements will help open your heart and mind which eventually leads to a better standard of living.  We would like to share with the world our knowledge gained from our ancestors and elders as it will provide you with the power needed to maintain and improve your own health and well-being naturally.  Throughout this website, you will find a lot of information that has been passed down over generations and we really do hope that we are able to help you, to help yourself and others.


Nobody knows what the near future holds but we care and believe that 'All Lives Matter' so our aim is to help by spreading awareness and bringing protection, happiness and joy to as many peoples lives that we can. 

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